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Welcome to Lake Havasu City!


Lake Havasu City, home of the historic London Bridge, is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Havasu on the Colorado River border of California and Arizona. The City was established in 1963 by Robert P. McCulloch as a self-sufficient, planned community.

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Lake Havasu Current News
December 5th
As of last week, Lake Havasu City has a brand new City Council. But it looks a lot like the old council.
December 5th
The Mohave County Fairgrounds suffered from years of disrepair until earlier this year, when the facility was brought under management by county parks officials. Now there’s a plan to get that facility back into blue ribbon condition, under a series…
December 5th
The Mohave County Board of Supervisors could take a closer look at activities among the county’s elected constables next year, following years of debate as to how necessary the position of Constable may actually be in the 21st Century.
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