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Welcome to Lake Havasu City!


Lake Havasu City, home of the historic London Bridge, is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Havasu on the Colorado River border of California and Arizona. The City was established in 1963 by Robert P. McCulloch as a self-sufficient, planned community.

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Lake Havasu Current News
January 25th
State lawmakers took the first steps Wednesday to honoring assassinated reporter Don Bolles in the same way Arizona honors various veterans, pioneer women, the Ten Commandments and Jesuit missionary Father Kino.
January 25th
Spectators at the London Bridge can get up close and personal to over a hundred Chevrolet Camaros and other sports cars during this weekend’s 13th annual Camaros on the Bridge event.
January 25th
Hefty snowfalls from a series of atmospheric rivers have brought a slightly rosier outlook for the beleaguered Colorado River.
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